Южный америка Peru Amazon River mythical lakes South America 1699 Sanson old miniature map A+ - 192306910702 - (США)

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Peru Amazon River mythical lakes South America 1699 Sanson old miniature map A+


Le Perou et le courade le Rivre.Amazone

(Peru / Bolivia / early full course of the Amazon River from coast to coast/ South America / mythical cartography)

Issued Paris, 1699 by N. Sanson.

Chamring little late 17th century antique miniature map. Engraved with very pleasing full hand color.

Decorative strapwork cartouche at bottom right. Captures the region and its geography at a fascinating point in modern history. Note the inland sea or large lake in Guyana to the North, referenced below.

The spurious [fictitious or mythical] Lac, ou Mer de Parime is prominent as is the location of the mythical city Manoa el Dorado (city of gold). The mythical lake of Xarayes also appears east of Titicaca L. ...engraved to show topography, cities and villages...*

In near VG or better condition, minor light surface age wear and toning as typical, bottom blank margin trimmed quite narrow as issued, but overall a superior visual example.

Original fold line as issued.

Sheet measures c. 12 1/4" x 8 3/4"

Engraved area measures c. 11" x 8"

Tooley's Dictionary of Mapmakers, vol. IV, pg. 102-4.

*Old Maps/ Griggs website, their insightful words cited regarding this charming little 315+ year old map. 


Guaranteed authentic - old. We do not sell modern reprints.


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