Антикварный фронтон или вимперг French Oil on Canvas Landscape Country Painting of Mill in a Forest - 331269088572 - купить на eBay.com (США) с доставкой в Украину | Megazakaz.com

Антикварный фронтон или вимперг French Oil on Canvas Landscape Country Painting of Mill in a Forest - 331269088572 - (США)

French Oil on Canvas Landscape Country Painting of Mill in a Forest



137 Stockton Street Hightstown, NJ 08520

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  French Oil on Canvas Landscape Country Painting of Mill in a Forest
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Early 19th C. French country scene painting depicting a landscape with a mill, trees, sky and a figure framed in a gesso on wood period first empire frame, ca. 1810. Unsigned. Nice antique painting in its original state. See condition report.


Dimensions: 26 3/8 inches high, 27 inches wide / long and 3 1/8 inches deep.

Condition: This piece is an antique and has the usual wear associated with its age. It has dents, nicks, chips to gesso on frame, scratches, craquelure and mars associated with age. Loss to paint. Frame has loss to paint throughout. Painting is untouched and could benefit from a cleaning & new varnish. Side of frame is stained wood, not gilded. See pictures as they are part of the condition report. For larger pictures, please do not hesitate to contact Dimitri at 609-240-4138.

Shipping: Free shipping via FedEx Ground in the Continental USA!

  Price : $695.00 8775_DSC_0625_result.jpg 8775_DSC_0634_result.jpg 8775_DSC_0664_result.jpg 8775_DSC_0693_result.jpg 8775_DSC_0707_result.jpg 8775_DSC_0722_result.jpg 8775_DSC_0723_result.jpg 8775_DSC_0733_result1.jpg 8775_DSC_0741_result1.jpg 8775_DSC_0748_result.jpg 8775_DSC_0754_result.jpg 8775_DSC_0760_result1.jpg 8775_DSC_0766_result.jpg 8775_DSC_0770_result.jpg 8775_DSC_0774_result2.jpg 8775_DSC_0778_result.jpg 8775_DSC_0784_result.jpg 8775_DSC_0796_result1.jpg 8775_DSC_0799_result1.jpg 8775_DSC_0810_result1.jpg 8775_DSC_0816_result1.jpg 8775_DSC_0819_result1.jpg 8775_DSC_0821_result.jpg 8775_DSC_0829_result1.jpg 8775_DSC_0833_result.jpg 8775_DSC_0849_result1.jpg 8775_DSC_0850_result.jpg 8775_DSC_0855_result.jpg DSC_8602_result.jpg DSC_8603_result.jpg 8775_DSC_0856_result1.jpg 8775_DSC_0860_result.jpg 8775_DSC_0862_result1.jpg DSC_8604_result.jpg 8775_DSC_0865_result1.jpg 8775_DSC_0868_result.jpg 8775_DSC_0872_result.jpg 8775_DSC_0876_result.jpg 8775_DSC_0882_result2.jpg 8775_DSC_0884_result2.jpg 8775_DSC_0893_result.jpg 8775_DSC_0903_result1.jpg 8775_DSC_0917_result1.jpg 8775_DSC_0925_result.jpg 8775_DSC_0928_result.jpg

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