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Антикварный этнографический товар с островов Тихого океана и Океании Old GROUP of Sepik hooks; Character! (New Guinea,club,skull,Marquesas,Fiji)

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47 617.00 грн.

Old GROUP of Sepik hooks; Character! (New Guinea,club,skull,Marquesas,Fiji)

  For sale a quite appealing group of FOUR old Sepik hooks with ancestorheads/figures. It actually took me many years to get this group together (as apparently these more affordable hooks dont come on the market often). I think they all have pretty strong/characterfull ancestorcarvings and they all bear signs of good use; see "armpits" of the hooks below. They are all 'decent' size a 50+ cm apart from one smaller. Love the Original unpolished finish of them! All of the proper hardwood. Well . . .the professional will see these are the good old thing anyway, wright?!Estimated 1900 or older.

 Condition; excellent; see pics of them (no hidden restaurations/breaks).  Measures; H.31x 20 and 53 x 8 and 51.5 x 22 and 53 x W.16 cm

Please feel confident to bid or otherwise please ask me before bidding. Payment is as usual expected in 3 days after auction or otherwise just communicate please.

Shipping Europe $30.00 and worldwide $34.00.>>>>>

>>>>>><<<<<<<<Am listing more tribal pieces at the moment !>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<<

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