Антикварная японская маска Master Craftsmanship! Japanese Wooden BURYU ONI Mask Japan Kagura Dance Kajiwara - 181684131080 - купить на eBay.com (США) с доставкой в Украину | Megazakaz.com

Антикварная японская маска Master Craftsmanship! Japanese Wooden BURYU ONI Mask Japan Kagura Dance Kajiwara - 181684131080 - (США)

Master Craftsmanship! Japanese Wooden BURYU ONI Mask Japan Kagura Dance Kajiwara

  • Created by renown Japanese Artisan: Ichiryu Kajiwara (梶原一龍)
  • The Kajiwaras represents third generation Japanese Mask Carvers who have perfected their trade.
  • He perfers to be known by the name "Kazuya" and attending sculpting school specifically to chase after the mask trade and skills.
  • Comes with the original handmade Japanese wooden storage box.
  • L29cm (11.4") x 17cm (6.6") x12cm  (4.7")
  • This one appears to be an early Kajiwara, ca1980s
  • This mask is from the Saga region of Japan, has been a part of their ritual fall folk dance festivals since the Muromachi period
  • Buryus with a close mouth are male figures, The ones with an open mouth represent females.Making this one female.
  • In that time, approximately 200 arts degree (sculpting degrees for artisans such as those that carve masks) will have been handed down
  • Menburyu is a traditional performing art which represents Saga Prefecture of Japan. 
  • The leading players are dancers who wear grim demon masks and valiant Kakeuchi costumes, and are accompanied by gongs, drums, and flutes just like the furyu parade.Because of its stirring character, one of the theories concerning its origin traces it to a battle that took place during the Warring States period (middle of the 15th century to the middle of the 16th century).
  • It has been dedicated from olden times in order to pray for a good harvest and to expel illnesses, mainly in the southwest area of Saga Prefecture.
  • The links to the below films introduces a brief description of the two representative Menburyu, each of which belongs to a different style which has been handed down in the Otonari area and the Hogaura area. 
  • Both of them have been designated Important Intangible Cultural Properties by the prefecture. 
  • In the film, the origin, props, roles, and the structure of the way it is dedicated are shown to differ between the two dances.
  • It also urges the necessity of passing on the local traditional culture to the future by depicting the activities of handing down the dance from adults to children.
  • All Furyu dancers don masks or cover their mouths with hand towels, and people who do this are considered to be an incarnation of Buddha, according to an ancient Saga belief. This indicates that Furyu was a very sacred event.
  • Otonari Menburyu (Kashima. Date: 2nd Sunday of September every year.Venue: Tenshi Shrine in Nanaura Otonari, Kashima-shi
  • Hougaura Menburyu (Kashima). Date: 2nd Sunday of September every year. Venue: Chinshu Shrine in Nanaura Hougaura, Kashima-shi
  • Meta Furyu (Kamimine) Period: Mid- to end-October (held every other year). Venue: Oimatsu Shrine in Maemuta, Kamimine-cho, Miyaki-gun
  • Ichikawa Tentsukumai Furyu (Fuji, Saga);Date: Sunday in mid-October every year. Venue: Suwa Shrine, Ichikawa, Fuji-cho, Saga-shi
  • hakama  hakama  hakama  
  • This is in the top ten all time best masks that I've ever held.
  • Both the wood work exhibit once-in-a-life time quality and workmanship
  • Made of a single block of highly aged wood (likely 2+ years of aging). Extraordinary depth of carving..chin, tongue back to the hollows of the forehead is a large breath of real estate.
  • This is a dying art unfortunately which has been telling historical arts for thousands of years. Last I knew, there were a dozen or less master mask makers in the greater Tokyo area.
  • The time, perfection, and training to create such an object is this most astounding thing. A mask like this may have taken over a month for the carver using traditional techniques to choose the raw natural pigments and clay elements to hand grind the paint for this mask. Smooth flowing lacquer qualities. 
  • A rare piece - check out my "ebay collections" to see my previous Kajiwara's I've owned.
  • Other masks of my collection might be up: Check out my other items!
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