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Коллекционный рубанок или струг для столярных, плотничных работ Vintage Stanley Bailey No 4 or 5 Lever Cap "S" Casting Type 7 Wood Plane Parts

Лот продан:
268.80 грн.

Vintage Stanley Bailey No 4 or 5 Lever Cap "S" Casting Type 7 Wood Plane Parts

This lever cap is a replacement for a No 4 or 5 Stanley Bailey Bench plane. It is correct to a type 7 plane that has an "S" foundry mark cast into the parts. Its used but in good usable condition. It shows some age and signs of use as well as a little bit of chipping to one side of the bottom edge. Its very light and barely noticeable while looking straight on at the cap as if it were on a plane. This would not affect use. Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have. I will combine shipping but please contact me prior to sending payment so the proper invoice can be sent. This will be at my own discretion for the safety of items. I will ship internationally but only using the EBay Global Shipping Program. I do my best to honestly and accurately describe each item for sale. What you see in pictures is the actual item for sale. Please send payments in a reasonable amount of time. I try to ship within 24 hrs of cleared payment but it can take up to 3 business days. Thanks for looking and please check out my other listings as well as my EBay Store! Feel Free to subscribe and follow me for more great items and tools!
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